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Telephone Support 24 hrs a day 7 days a week

Our software has never been easier to use – designed to make your life easier and benefit your business. Everyday tasks will become quicker.

If you need a helping hand using our system at the start or later within your support period – then we are on hand 24hrs a day 7 days a week, just call us and a support agent will be able to provide help and assistance to resolve any issues within GB Pro.

Over weekends and some bank holidays we provide a call back service and some issues can only be dealt with 24 / 5.

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Moving your GB Pro licence from PC to PC

With your purchase of GB Pro Full or Lite version you get:

60 days free 24 / 7 telephone support for GB Pro + Free Practice version

Remote Access help

Access (within your support period) to our extensive Screencast library covering most aspects of using our software

We want to make sure you are up and running with the minimum of fuss and that you understand how our system works ASAP...... you might consider our completely free installation service, details below.

Installation Service 24 hrs a day 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

If you prefer we can provide a completely free installation service - one of our support agents will remotely access your PC (you will need an internet connection for this) and install the software you have purchased - they can also provide you with some up and running training - making your life easier. Just call and we can provide this service for you at any time day or night.

Immediate Support

Your support will start the moment you purchase your software so you don't have to wait, you can ring our dedicated support team immediately you feel you need to, any time of day or night. Please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team with any questions you have or using our software or to take advantage of our 'Installation Service'.

After your initial support:

You are under no obligation or contract to take out any form of support once your free help expires, you can simply continue to use your software. For users who decide to take out an annual support package we offer a substantial 50% discount if you subscribe to any of our ‘ANYtime’ support plans during your initial free help period. The prices shown below have had the 50% discount already deducted. In addition to receiving a 50% discount on any support plan you will also get the benefit of any free upgrades of your software during your support period, plus our back up wizard. Should you decide to take out a support plan after your initial 60 days then we are unable to offer the discounted prices.


We want to help in anyway at anytime

During your support period, you can access the screencast library 24 / 7 / 365. You will find over 30 training screencasts covering most aspects of GB Pro. If your support issue is not covered within the screen cast library or you prefer instead to call our support team then please do so - you will find their number on your support documentation and we're here 24 /7.

Optional ANYtime support plans - complete peace of mind

We are able to provide continuing complete peace of mind for both you, and your business, by providing an annual support package. Our support packages also provide the benefit of upgrades to ensure that not only you have the peace of mind to know we are only call away ... at any time (24 / 7), but you also have the latest software to ensure that your business is always benefitting in an ever changing world. Our support plan prices shown include the 50% price reduction that we provide to users who keep their support contracts running. If your support plan has expired and your subsequently need an issue resolving, you unfortunately will not be able to obtain the 50% reduction.

Purchase a support plan which includes the latest version and upgrades within your support period (click here)

Payment is by Credit Card. Prices shown do not include VAT

Issues that are not covered by any of our support plans

Your support contract is designed and provided to assist you with help in using and understanding of GB Pro. It does not provide for issues which have been caused by user error, such as deleting data or issues input errors etc. Unfortunately we are also unable to provide support for issues that are not part of GB Pro. This also includes other issues within Windows that might be affecting our software, but not caused by GB Pro.

Below are some typical issues that are not covered by any support plan. To resolve these or other non GB Pro related issues you will need to purchase a support ticket, once this has been done a support engineer will arrange a time with you to connect to your PC to resolve the issue. You must have Broadband ADSL to use this service. If for any reason we are unable to resolve an issue then we will refund your cost.

With a current support contract With NO support contract

1.Moving GB Pro data from 1PC to another

What this means: We will move your data files from your old PC to your new PC. You will need to have a USB memory stick to hand and an Internet connection on both new and old PC's

£35 Buy Now£70 Buy Now

Assistance of wrongly entered GB Pro data by user ( per 45 mins)

What this means: For example, if you have wrongly entered data against vehicle numbers or payments again the wrong customer,due to user error we will endeavour to correct this. However please note that if data has been deleted then we (or you) will be unable to restore this other than from a back up. This fee can also be applied to finding other related issues. Please only purchase after you have spoken to our support dept.

£75 Buy Now £125 Buy Now

*Repair Corruputed Database

What this means: We will repair files with unrecognizable database format and database repair issues. This cost is for 1 file and repaired once. Please note that this is an extremely rare occurrence, and as such if it happened twice then there could be another underlying issue with your PC. For us to complete this procedure we will need to download the corrupted database from your PC to our PC for repair.

£95 Buy Now £180 Buy Now

No support plan includes on site visits

GB Pro workstation licence support: 30 March 2012: Due to the increasing number of users who are now networking GB Pro and requiring help, support, and upgrades for each PC within their network, we have reluctantly had to increase our support costs to reflect this..

Please see costs

***When you purchase a support plan for your PC you are purchasing help on using GB Pro - Upgrades during your support period, and our back up wizard. By purchasing a support plan you also have the added bonus of receiving a discount (normally 50%) on issues that are not related to GB Pro and therefor not covered by our support plans.

Purchase a GB Pro support plan which includes the latest version of GB Pro

Purchase a support plan which includes the latest version

Prices do not include VAT which will be added to all sales in the EU: Terms and Conditions

Multi Branch

GB Pro Master
Auto Workshop Management

For companies requiring a multi branch environment, our GB Pro Master Auto Workshop Management system will provide a shared database of customers between your branches within the group. Learn More [+]