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Our software has never been easier to use,, designed to make your life easier and benefit your business. Everyday tasks will become quicker. GB Pro also comes with a practise version - a compliety seperate system to allow you or your staff to 'Practise'

If you need a helping hand using GB Pro at the start or later then you can purchase a support ticket whenever you need it. Our support agent will be able to provide help and assistance to resolve any issues within GB Pro. If your call is out of your office hours don't worry we will get back to you.

Initial Up and Running Support

If you require a help and support, including the intital install then you can purchase a 1Hr support ticket which means we can install GB Pro V3 and provide 30 mins training.

Purchase a 30 minute support ticket: £45 Purchase Now (remote access to your PC provided)

Purchase an install of GB Pro and 30 minute support ticket (1hr in total): £70 Purchase Now


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Optional Technical Support BUSINESS Guard - complete peace of mind

We are able to provide continuing complete peace of mind for both you, and your business, by provided by an annual techninal support package. Our support packages also provide the benefit of upgrades to ensure you are up to date, and have the latest software (within your version number for example: If you are using GB Pro V3 then all upgrades to V3 are included free of charge) to ensure that your business is always benefiting in an ever changing world. Our support plan prices shown include the 50% price reduction that we provide to users who keep their support contracts running. If your support plan has expired and your subsequently need an issue resolving, you unfortunately will not be able to obtain the 50% reduction.

Payment is by Credit Card. Prices shown do not include VAT which is charged within the UK only

Issues that are covered by our BUSINESS Guard

BUSINESS Guard provides peace of mind to you and your business ensuing that you are update to date on the software, update to data on backing up your data and we are here to resolve and advise on any technical issues within GB Pro V3.

Below are some typical issues that are not covered by any support plan. To resolve these or other non GB Pro related issues you will need to purchase a support ticket, once this has been done a support engineer will arrange a time with you to connect to your PC to resolve the issue. You must have Broadband ADSL to use this service.

Windows Updates - Important

Microsoft have always provided periodic Windows updates, however since Windows 10 and in particular Windows 11 these updates have been problematic to a very small group of users. These problems can affect all manner of software applications. GB Pro is written in Microsoft MS Access a world leading database technology provided by Microsoft. So the chance of any issues from updates are extremely isolated. However, they can on occasion happen. In these circumstances we are unable to provide anything other than basic advise. As these isolated issues occur through and because of the Windows Update they are a Windows issue and as such should be dealt with by a Windows specialist.

With a current support contract

Moving GB Pro data from 1PC to another

What this means: We will move your data files from your old PC to your new PC. You will need to have a USB memory stick to hand and an Internet connection on both new and old PC's. ** We will do this free of charge once within your annual contact. Please note this is moving the data file - it is not installing the application or moving the activation licence. How to move the activation licence can be found here

Free with BUSINESS Guard**

Data Transfer from GB Pro V2 to GB Pro V3

Our data files have now all be upgraded in GB Pro V3 , so if you wish to transfer your data from GB Pro V2 into V3 then please contact us for cost and procedure. .

Please Call

2nd and subsequent GB Pro installation per PC

Move your GB Pro to another PC from the original installation PC, this includes the moving of your activation code (to do this we must have access to the old PC and access to the new PC). We we will also move the data files. If you are networked then the cost of this is the price shown x the number of workstations you have. The mapping of network drives is not included in this price.

£45 Buy Now

Assistance of wrongly entered GB Pro data by user (per 30 mins)

£45 Buy Now

Repair Corrupted Database

What this means: We will repair if possible files with unrecognizable database format and database repair issues. This is FREE for 1 file repair within your annual support package (subsequent file repairs are £95). Please note that this is an extremely rare occurrence, and as such if it happened twice then there could be another underlying issue with your PC. For us to complete this procedure we will need to download the corrupted database from your PC to our PC for repair.

1 Free Repair with BUSINESS Guard*

No support plan include on site visits

Prices do not include VAT which will be added to all sales in the UK only