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  • Tour of GB Pro Plus (Full version)

    A guided tour around the main features of GB Pro Plus- see how easy it is to add customers - create invoice and take payments

  • Instant Service History

    There is no system that is quicker than this to find a vehicles service history - its as quick as you can type the Vehicle licence Number!

  • Parts Catalogue / Service pack

    Adding parts within GB Pro is as easy as this - however you donā€™t have to use stock control if you donā€™t want to - but creating your own parts catalogue is a great time saver - plus by adding parts to a service pack saves even more time.

  • Appointment Diary

    Using the built in Appointments diary within GB Pro Full version is both easy quick and extremely powerful - allowing you to set up multi diaries for either ramps, bays, or staff members or combinations of all 3. You can send SMS, Email confirmation direct from the diary in seconds(internet connection is required)to confirm customer appointments. You can also create the job sheet from the diary and even view a vehicle history.

  • Drop and Go

    With customers dropping off vehicles it can be a busy time... so recording the work that needs to be done has to be both quick and accurate.




Multi Branch

Auto Workshop Management

For companies requiring a multi branch environment, our Auto Workshop Management system will provide a shared database of customers between your branches within the group. Learn More [+]