Job Sheets

  • The Job Sheets are an easy way to control the flow of work going thru your workshop. However the use of them is optional and they can be bypassed if you don't need to use this part of the system
  • Convert a Job Sheet to an Invoice to save you time
  • Parts can be entered onto a job sheet (but not deducted from stock at this stage) as can a record of all work done

Job Sheet Workshop Viewer

  • This is an easy way to 'push' jobs thru to the workshop, without the need for technicians to collect their work from the main office. From the accompanying screen within GB Pro V3 you can also monitor job progress that have been passed thru to the workshop
  • From the Job Sheet Viewer- Technicians can view their jobs and the Manager can keep track of who is doing what - and at what stage they are at.
  • *The Job Sheet Viewer can be installed on a PC without the need for the main GB Pro V3 to be installed or it can be installed alongside GB Pro V3 on the same PC


*If the Job Sheet Viewer is installed on its own PC, then it will require an additional user licence. However if it is installed on a PC with GB Pro V3 already installed then it does not need this additional user licence.